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Need a suggestion for a new book to read? Try these ideas! Reading 12.0 : A Year in Reading

January: Read a book published the same year you were born.

What was the world like the year you were born? Get in a time capsule, and read a book that reflects the culture, views, and lifestyle of the era of your birth. Tip: Google search for best-seller list [year].

Read a book recommended on a blog.

Check out any book blog out there, and see why that book was worth talking about.

March: Read a book that has been made into a movie.

Here’s your chance to judge a book by its movie! Find out which of your favorite scenes from a book ended up on the cutting-room floor and which made it to the silver screen.

April: Reread your favorite book from childhood.

What book kept you up late into the night, reading under your covers with a flashlight because you just couldn’t put it down? Reread that beloved tome and feel young again.

May: Read a book from another country.

Some of the greatest literary achievements are works that have been written far away from the U.S. Eat locally, read globally.

June: Read that classic you never read.

Most of us have a classic novel that haunts us because we never got through it. Maybe you got away with reading the Cliff’s Notes or watching the movie so you could pass a quiz, but now’s your chance to finally read the whole thing.

July: Read a book you found via a library database/website (e.g. Booklist Online, NoveList, Fiction Connection, GoodReads, LibraryThing).

Log in and see what new book you can discover using these valuable reading tools.

August: Read a genre or format you don’t usually read.

Do you avoid graphic novels, audiobooks, or any specific genre like the plague? Pick up a book that is completely different from what you normally read, and find out if it is worse (or better!) than you thought.

September: Read a book from an opposing viewpoint.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, so read a book whose author takes a stand totally different from yours. That’s intellectual freedom in action!

October: Read a selection from a local book club.

Check out what your neighbors are reading and discussing over cookies and coffee.

November: Read an award winner.

Books win awards for a reason—usually because they are great. Check out a book that won the top prize in any of a number of national or international book awards.

December: Read someone else’s favorite book.

Your best friend, your neighbor, your child, your chiropractor. Ask somebody you know to identify a favorite book, and then pick it up to find out why he or she loves it.

Happy reading!

Information taken from : the King County Library System’s Readers’ Advisory Committee which promoted reading and RA service among staff with Reading 12.0: A Year in Reading. The committee came up with these suggestions, perfect for anyone looking to diversify their reading or to get out of a reading rut! 2010

Check out 101 Reasons To Love Your Library…

1. Escape from the weather! (too hot, too cold, too wet!)

2. Attend story time

3. Check your email

4. Update your facebook status

5. Check your financial portfolio

6. Catch up with daily and/or weekly news

7. Apply for a job online

8. Apply for unemployment benefits

9. Obtain free discarded materials

10. Ask for some reading recommendations

11. Fill out a request for something you’d like to read or listen to

12. Ask for an interlibrary loan for material from another library

13. Renew your materials with staff or online

14. Check our catalog for materials

15. Sign up for Wowbrary – get an email of new materials every Wednesday!

16. Read a magazine

17. Check Consumer Reports before that next big purchase (by database or hard copy!)

18. Check out a movie that was just released on DVD

19. Find an old movie…even silents!

20. Catch up on a TV series (Mad Men, House, 24)

21. Ask a reference question

22. Research your family tree

23. Find out who is buried in Woodbury cemeteries

24. Find out when early settlers were married

25. Find out when early settlers were born

26. Find out information on who owned the old houses in town

27. Read the Ancient History of Woodbury by Cothren

28. Local history of many Connecticut towns and cities

29. Connecticut Statutes

30. Play a game on a computer

31. Research a news article on our computers

32. Check “A to Z maps” database for state & country flags & facts

33. Practice for your SAT tests with “Prep Me” – Register from our home page

34. Read the latest Book Page (or pick one up to bring home) information about new and upcoming novels

35. Get a book recommendation from NoveList

36. Home printer on the blink – stop in and print out your email or whatever information you need!

37. Type up a new resumé

38. Type up a list of things you want to read or make a cyber list on your patron account

39. Buy or sell on eBay

40. Make a powerpoint presentation and save it on a memory card, or email it to yourself

41. Download an audio book to listen to on CDs or your mp3 player

42. Set up a free email account

43. Design a spreadsheet for school or home projects

44. Find a new hobby, then read about it

45. Children can make a monthly craft

46. Play in the Activity Room

47. Make a puzzle

48. Play chess

49. Check our blogs for programs for all ages!

50. Find a quiet corner and read

51. Find a quiet corner and rest your eyes

52. Meet a friend – catch up while your children play

53. Use the library for a temporary home office

54. Set up your laptop (yes we have wifi)

55. Enter a summer reading program : EVERY age invited!

56. Teens create – new projects monthly

57. Join a book group

58. Stop in for a book chat

59. Come to be entertained (singers, musicians, poets, lectures, etc.)

60. Come to be educated and enlightened (Great Decisions foreign policy discussions, armchair travel series, etc.)

61. Come view the art exhibit in the gallery (changes monthly)

62. Play bingo on a warm summer night in the children’s room

63. Find information on town events

64. Pick up a flyer on Park and Recreation happenings

65. Find information on volunteer opportunities

66. Research an illness

67. Find out how and where to get help for a problem, health or otherwise

68. Meet your school tutor

69. View the bi-weekly floral arrangement

70. Leave information or items to be picked up (central location)

71. Check community board for area events

72. Attend a meeting

73. Chat with a friendly staff person

74. Join a teen book discussion group and/or Hang Out on a Monday afternoon

75. Ask for our interlibrary loan librarian to get books for your personal book club

76. Ask us to find an obscure film for your classroom

77. Use your library card from any Connecticut library for materials or computer time

78. Bring your dog inside for a cup of water and a biscuit

79. Stock up on audio books for that long car ride

80. Borrow musical CDs instead of purchasing them

81. Make copies

82. Use the rest room

83. Get a cool drink of water

84. Get help remembering the title that eludes you (blue book about a dog…. )

85. Pick up a Senior Center newsletter

86. Search through our mental health resources file

87. Find news articles and information on local celebrities

88. Pick up a map of Woodbury

89. Look at a topographical map of the area

90. Recommend a book for purchase

91. Check out museum passes for free or discounted admission.

92. Learn how to mend books

93. Re-read the classics

94. Pick up a beach read

95. Check out a themed kids backpack (full of books, puzzles, toys)

96. Use our optelec for large print viewing

97. Check out large print materials

98. Visit locally – reach out globally! (through iConn & World Cat)

99. Put a hold on a hot new bestseller – Save money & Get it faster!

100. Come check out a book – over 700 transactions can happen on one 11 hour day.

101. It’s all FREE!